About the COVID Rescue Fund

Our Mission

The Covid Rescue Fund is a pending B-Corp bringing hope to small business owners who have lost everything.  It is powered 100% by volunteers.

Our goal is to help 100 small business owners recover from total financial disaster by helping them start a new business with no strings attached.

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How It Works

The Covid Rescue Fund awards grants up to $100,000 based on a monthly vote and the finances of the business that the applicant lost.   Grants are awarded monthly.   To maximize your chances of getting the grant, you should get as many people to come and vote on your behalf.

“As a lifelong Christian, I believe that amazing things often happen out of weakness.  We’re not required to be the best, the strongest, or the most successful – we just need to trust in God’s plan.”

-David Lin

About Dave:

David is the founder of the Covid Rescue Fund.  He is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated small businesses since 2002.  He also has almost a decade of experience in the venture capital industry.  The pandemic hit David hard, forcing the immediate closure of two brick and mortar businesses; Bubble Island and Espresso Royale.  After going through the pain of those losses, David has committed himself to helping other business owners recover from the impact of the pandemic.

update:   I’ve received countless notes of support since starting the Covid Rescue Fund.  Thank you for your kind words, but unfortunately, Espresso Royale and Bubble Island are not going to be funded by the Covid Rescue Fund.

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Make a free vote and help us aim the grants where you want it.

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Votes are tallied monthly and are an important factor in choosing who receives the grant.  Any vote for a region will benefit all applicants in that region.  Any vote for a specific business will only benefit that business.  Users are allowed one vote per calendar month.  Only the first vote made per user per month will be counted.