Help rebuild small businesses lost to the pandemic

Many small business owners lost everything while trying to stay afloat. The COVID Rescue Fund provides free grants for these owners to open new businesses and get their lives back.

Featured Applicant

Aum Yoga

Ann Arbor MI

After 8 successful years, Jessie was forced to shut down her dream yoga studio because of Covid.  The business shutdown last March and has been trying to figure out how to become viable despite its effort to transition online.

The COVID Problem

Over 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed

We’re on a mission to bring back 100 businesses. There’s lots of stimulus for struggling businesses, but what about the owners who have already gone out of business?

Our Solution

Help small business owners start a new business and get back on their feet.

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Featured Applicant – Pistachio’s Jewelry

Chicago, IL

Pistachios is a contemporary art jewelry and objects gallery that was in downtown Chicago and has been curating artists from around the world for over 25 years.  I took over the business from the original owner several years ago after working there.  I saw so much potential in the store.
The Covid period was brutal for our business.  We were closed for 6 months and had zero rent relief from our landlord.  On top of that, we were looted on August 10, 2020 during the riots. Insurance covered a very small amount of the loss.  Because of Covid and the riots downtown Chicago’s foot traffic dropped to ghost town levels.   Even though we were able to reopen our doors for Christmas season on December 2, it was clear that the lack of customers didn’t make the business viable and we closed permanently in January 2021.  We had to vacate a storefront that we had occupied for 24 years.
While we operate an online store only at this time, it is crucial for us to reopen. Our product is tactile and many of our clients like to see the product in person. This grant would allow us to reopen and create the comforting environment for our clients to feel comfortable shopping inside our gallery again
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